At Colorful Colorado Events we like to work with local non profits and our attendees choose where we send our donations. For paid events attendees can vote using a promo code specifically for the organization they would like to donate to with their ticket revenue.

If your charity organization would like to be added to the list please email

Providing in-home therapeutic treatment to children and their families is at the core of what we do. We believe that only by stepping into a child’s every-day life can a therapist understand the root causes of a family’s dysfunction and prescribe the right treatment.

Founded as a residential program more than 50 years ago, Savio has evolved and now provides 90% of our treatment programs take place in the family’s home. The majority of our treatment models are "evidence based," meaning they are grounded in years of research and testing.


We believe that friendship and healthy relationships foster personal growth. We aim to befriend those who are homeless and offer support and resources to those who wish to get back on their feet.